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Human Resources


China is home to a highly educated and talented workforce. While labor costs in China are still highly competitive globally, successful companies are focused on hiring and retaining top engineering and business talent that they can trust to achieve their business goals. We have hired over 2,000 employees in China and our Human Resources team can help you to recruit and hire the talent your business needs to be successful with your China strategy.


For example: in a targeted HR search, we typically review 100+ resumes, conduct screening interviews with 25-40 candidates, and present our clients with a carefully selected shortlist of 3-5 highly capable candidates to interview. PRI can also host employees and provide a wide-range of administrative support services including office space, IT support, food services, payroll and social benefit payment management, travel and accommodation bookings, and more.

Targeted HR Search

Simplified Hiring Process

Executive Recruitment

PRI Hosting & Admin Support

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