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In addition to being a consulting partner, we do selective equity investments in medium-sized manufacturing start-ups and acquisitions. PRI will add our China expertise and experience with your industry knowledge and technology to make a winning combination for long-term success. As a minority owner, PRI has started and acquired more than 28 companies in China. We have the infrastructure and experience to help our holding companies thrive long-term. One of PRI’s goals is to be the world’s best minority partner!

PRI is Minority Owner

28+ Equity Investments

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2000+ Employees Recruited

Our China Expertise + Your Industry Expertise = Winning Solution

Selected Current
Equity Holdings

Domustar is one of the fastest growing global manufacturers of shower doors, trays and backwalls in the world. With 150,000 square feet of plant area in Zhongshan (Guangdong), China, Domustar is a long-term supplier to one of the world’s top bathroom products brands.

New Hope Energy is a world leader in the conversion of plastic waste into renewable chemicals through patented pyrolysis technology. The company has a multi-year agreement to supply Dow with pyrolysis oil feedstock, which Dow will use to produce circular plastics.

Sensory Cloud is a consumer medical product company whose new hygiene system, FEND, cleanses the upper respiratory airways to strengthen the body’s natural ability to keep the lungs cleaner and healthier. Applications include reducing COVID-19 transmission.


Manage International Logistics is a world-class freight forwarding company that specializes in the arrangement of cargo shipments worldwide, built on PRI’s 30 years of experience managing international logistics for our more than 30 manufacturing and sourcing operations in Asia.